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HandiCap sur le Monde lands in Brazil : the popular country of the moment!

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After 10 months of projects all over the world for the inclusion by sport and for the employment, it – already – is our last stop before the comeback in France. But there is still a step and it is not the least we can do: Brazil! Country of thousands wealth and with festal resonance, it is also well-known for having the most welcoming habitants of the world. Between the World Cup 2014 of Football which is coming soon, the economic boom and the almost non-existent unemployment, Brazil captivates. About disability, between good practices, politic point of view and accessibility to the stadiums, HandiCap sur le Monde will have a lot to do!

A green giant with studs

Everyone sees Brazil in his way: the World Cup for the “football aficionados”, the wild carnival for the passionate dancers, the night atmosphere for the ingrained night hawk, the huge Amazonian forest for the nature’s lovers… There are for every taste! Without forgetting the legendary city of Rio, the paradisiac beaches of Bahia and the communicative happiness of Brazilians, the scene is set up and you already see yourself in.

Let’s talk about the welcome of the habitants. We arrived in the country with a certain apprehension about the language (even if we vaguely try to learn on Internet), the hearsays are rapidly confirmed: rare are the people talking something else than Portuguese, we are stuck. But the feel is different, because even if there is a language barrier, each person we met tries to communicate. Gestures, similarities between Spanish and Portuguese, everything is good to understand each other in the better way.

The capoeira’s country is most of the time synonym of insecurity and violence, as much for habitants than tourists. It is true that some precautions have to be taken and we discover it rapidly, but with some new habits (taking a taxi instead of the night bus, be informed of the “risky” quarters, never be alone…) our stay promises wonderful discoveries and unforgettable moments.

 Brazil and disability: expectancies and discoveries

Brazil could be a continent by itself – it often considers itself like that – with its 8 million of km² and 194 million of habitants. It megalopolis like Rio or Sao Paulo count several million of habitants and make head turn. Its variety of cultures and climates impress: we can be amazed by the Iguazu’s falls in the South, go up to the North and enjoy the beaches and the enthusiasm of Rio, discovering the incredible Amazonian jungle in Manaus before running through the afro culture in the region of Salvador. It is impossible to pretend knowing Brazil only in few weeks and we know it. Nevertheless, we will try to be based in different sectors of the country to obtain the most objective view we can.

It is in the region of Sao Paulo that we will start our journey in order to meet organizations innovating for the employment of disable peoples. The political situation, which could be seen as the one in France about disability, has to be detailed: we will do it with Mara Gabrilli, active Congresswomen in this area.

We will afterward go in the North of the country in Salvador of Bahia. Change of culture, accent and climate… different actions about disability? This journey of several weeks will be the occasion of meeting sportive organisms and foundations in sport and disability. The last stop will be at Rio de Janeiro, where we will also be interested by the inclusion through sport, attempting to know more about the accessibility and tourism/disability in preparation for a major event: the Football World Cup!

Besides, what Brazilians think about the World Cup that we talk about? We took the temperature during our first days and first opinions are divided. Aware to be in the limelight, Brazilians want to offer a positive image of their country and show that is not an under developed country anymore but a developing country which pretend to compete with the richest countries. But the lack of transports and organization of the country, added to the violence always present frighten and numerous are those who see a “nothing or twice” for the country’s image.

From the actions about disability or country’s feeling, do not be afraid to take a look on the Brazilian project page.

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