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Philippe CROIZON gives his enthusiastic support to HandiCap sur le Monde’s project

philippe Croizon une

Philippe Croizon, French swimmer amputated of the four members after an accident, realized several high levels sportive exploits to defend his values and to show that disability can be forgotten when you try to give your best. It is with some pride that HandiCap sur le Monde is introducing you his new Godfather, who announced today that he strongly support our project!

In 1994, when he was only 26 years old, Philippe Croizon received an electric discharge of 20,000 volts when he was changing his satellite dish. Sent to the hospital during months and after several operations, he became amputated of the four members. In his fight to stay alive, his strong character and his strong bravery were born. When French people think about him, Philippe Croizon is a model of courage, perseverance and symbolizes the possibility of a better future for people in situation of disability.

After crossing the English Channel in 2010, Philippe Croison had a new incredible challenge to bring out last year: to relate the 5 continents by swimming in extremely difficult conditions. This exploit will be completed the 18th of August, 2012, only 100 days after the announcement of the challenge. For each crossing, Asia-Oceania, Africa-Asia, Europe-Africa, America-Asia, Philippe was attended by a valid swimmer: Arnaud Chassery. Like he says with a lot of humour, congratulations to Arnaud who succeeded the same exploit than a disable swimmer, amputated of his 4 members.

His challenges were really complicated to be realized. Crossing the Gibraltar narrow by swimming, with violent currents, avoiding mortal jellyfishes between Asia and Oceania, sharks in the Red Sea, facing froze waters between Russia and United States… as many difficulties which made this project more impressive!

His support is extremely symbolic and important for HandiCap sur le Monde which wants, like Philippe, to make some links between continents/populations and show that disability is not an obstacle to achieve feats. Really symbolically also, he gives us his support one year day for day after he realized, the 12th of April, 2012, the first step of his incredible challenge “Swim beyond the borders”.

With his warm words, Philippe expresses us his encouragements and blares us the desire to also give the best of ourselves to raise awerness to disability and to show that the most important is to stay on our competences and opportunities.

I support with strength and conviction HandiCap sur le Monde, I find this initiative just extraordinary. Here we have two young people who are investing themselves in a process of opening and explanation about inclusion of people in situation of disability all around the world.

 It is with all my heart that I encourage Emmanuelle and Thomas, I give us my support without any moderation.


With all my friendship,

Philippe Croizon

To know more about the project “Swim beyond the borders”, navigate here!

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