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Our partners

These organizations are already partners of HandiCap sur le Monde association, in term of financial, material or knowledge support: 


The city of Paris (Paris city hall) supports HandiCap sur le Monde by selecting them and offering Paris Jeunes Aventures grant. It will bring financial support but also strong visibility for HandiCap sur le Monde association.








Frédéric LOPEZ  gives all his support to HandiCap sur le Monde worldwide actions. He confirmed his interest to the association during Paris Jeunes Aventures even in June 2012 in which he was the sponsor. 






Mutuelle Saint Christophe provides individuals, professionals and associations. HandiCap sur le Monde is very excited about this new partnership that allows the association to continue his testimony actions in schools, businesses, communities … The moral and financial support might include intervention in “Mutuelle Saint Christophe” group to share the teachings of the World Tour project.

More about Mutuelle Saint Christophe on their website.

Dedicated agency in daily support for both sport for disabled and adapted sport companies and partners, Handipulse has chosen today to work with Handicap sur le Monde association for the next two years. The company will support HandiCap sur le Monde in its approach in communication, marketing, sponsorship, events, equipment and commercial development. 

Even though we can notice some media coverage development and people interest growing for disabled sport, there are still existing disparities between disabled athletes and able-bodied athletes. this is where Handipulse, created in 2012, aims to work and support through its knowledge in communication, with targeted services. Sport organizations, clubs, leagues, committees, associations, but also sponsors, media partners, company equipment or R&D labs can get Handipulse answering their needs through strategic and operational support.

Handipulse added value is translated into creative language the message that these players want to relay, transforming their business, their passion and their daily work, images, words and actions.

For more information, check their brochure (click here) or go directly to their website www.handipulse.com


Mondial Assistance allow HandiCap sur le Monde team to benefit from special promotional offer of assistance and insurance contracts Globe Trotters. The international presence of Mondial Assistance and quality of services offered assure us a world trip with confidence to deal with various contingencies that we will encounter. You can find round your insurance products and support that meet your project by going to their website.

This blog provides comprehensive information on the subject of travel and preparation: practical advice and tips and permit to share with travelers in preparation business expertise related to the health of Mondial Assistance alerts via plugs countries and thematic issues. As project partner, Mondial Assistance allows Handicap sur le Monde to write some articles on the blog as guest editors. You can now find a lot of informations on Voyage-zen to help you to prepare your trip!

URBAN MOOV is a company focused on the development activities of individuals (fitness, emotional release, relaxation, wellness, training, fun activities …), which affects both businesses, individuals and educational structures. It is also a young company with a special adapted sport involved in various specialized structures: daycare, Medical Educational Institutes, associations adapted sports …
Sensitive to the project HandiCap sur le Monde, URBAN MOOV never misses an opportunity to show its interest in our shares. Their first step: donate a Go Pro camera that will allow us to film our actions at all times. Other projects are under development and will be relayed on the website very soon, including a sporting event like running, accessible to all.
To learn more about the activities and services offered by URBAN MOOV, just visit their website.
Thank you URBAN MOOV !


We wanted to thank The Feebles, Gaëtan and Anaël, for their relevant help. These 2 graphisc designer from west part of France have created graphic banners at the top of our website.

You can check their blog, or contatc us if you have interest in their work









This website would not be online without the help of FunkyPhenix who created and designed this website and, through his advices, gives us daily help and support. 

If you like this website and are interested in his work, feel free to contact us to ask for his email!




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