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Indonesia :: A unified sport event

First inclusive tournament for Kupu Kupu foundation in Bali

First sport inclusive tournament of Kupu Kupu, and certainly 1st event of its kind in Bali,  happened on Friday 7th December and involved both disabled and non-disabled people. A great action where sport is an inclusive tool.

When we first contacted Begonia Lopez, Kupu Kupu founder, we suggested straight away the organization of a sport event with an inclusive goal. Inclusive means that every team is formed equally with young people from the foundation (with a disability) and kids from a local school (without disability). She got very enthousiastic with the idea and quickly contacted a local school to check if it could be possible and confirm the date of 7th December as the date of the event which will happen in Bangli.The foundation has indeed two centers, one in Ubud and one, which is currently more important, in Bangli. It is not the first event of this kind that Thomas is creating and he already had some experience in this area. In fact, he organized the 1st inclusive soccer tournament in Paris with the help of Union Générale Sportive de l’Enseignement Libre (UGSL) in 2012.

Sport, an inclusive tool

During this event, we have different goals. First, this unified meeting gives the opportunity to people from the foundation to share a social activity with others without disability. For the school kids, it aims to make them become more open-minded, no matter what the difference can be, and help and support people with disabilities the whole day. Finally, for everyone attending this event the aim is to make them spend a unique moment together in a country where people with disability are often out of the society.

Most of the work developed with Kupu Kupu will be focused on the event organization, taking into account the logistics and also training of the foundation employees in order to make this event a success. Every day we spent at the foundation in one of its two centers, HandiCap sur le Monde share different ideas with Kupu Kupu members, confirm some suggestions, add some new ones…it is a tough work as nothing can be forgotten. We also have to take into account the local culture, special needs of this foundation and some incompatibility we can get.

To bear in mind the indonesian cultural differences!

Many obstacles have to be considered and therefore we have to define perfectly the organization of the event. The foundation welcome people from any age or any disability, physical, mental or sensory, and it is an important criteria we have to take into account in the team setting up. Indonesian culture also forbid us to develop some activities. The final game of the event, a relay race where every player has to pass on a wet sponge over their head is a main issue. In Hindu culture – which is the main religion in Bali- the head is holly as it contains the soul, and therefore we cannot offend them by doing the game this way. Moreover we cannot use any basin that has been use for washing as it would be impure!

Furthermore, the current time of the year is a busy time for religious ceremonies. All the people  from the foundation go back to their family and go to temples, and therefore don’t come often to the foundation these last couple of weeks which makes it hard for us to know how many of them will be there on the D-day. Begonia also underlined the fact that we need to plan perfectly all the activities for the foundation employees as Balinese people are a bit “disorganized”. We decide to make it simple to focus on perfect organization to be as relevant as possible. Finally, we won’t be able to contact any media, local or national ones, as it is here a tradition to pay journalists to write an article about an event or a news…therefore we won’t get any article and HandiCap sur le Monde does not want to be part of this kind of action anyway!

The event is organized this way: 10 teams of 7 players are defined, 3 players from Kupu Kupu, 3 from the school and one adult who supervized the team, either from the foundation or the school. There will also be one supervizor for each game who will know the rules of the game in details so there are no improvisation. We chose to organize athletics activities: long jump, ball throwing towards a target, long throwing ball, 40m sprint running, pull the rope, and the final game the water relay race. For every game only 4 players of each team will play so everyone can do at least 3 activities. Moreover, people in a weelchair can throw the ball, people who cannnot use their arms can run and jump…

A sport day willing to share good moments…and hot balinese weather

It is 9 am and everybody is at Bangli center to get general explanations of the day. Everyone is already very enthousiastic and excited to attend this event. Teams are revealed and already some relationships are evolving: kids from schools and team partners from the foundation help each other. For example the red team help Wayan, who is both mental and physical disabled, to wear is red headband. Both people from school and from the foundation also help Nyoman with his weelchair to go the the stadium.

We have a big surprise when reaching the stadium to start the activities: some soccer matches are in progress though the foundation has warned local authorities of the event and booked the place. Only one need: to adapt! The pulling rope is moved few meters away and we underlined even more the need of every team supervizor to look after his team. An activity rotation allow teams to move from a game to another in the same way so there is no confusion. It is 9.30 am and games are starting, as long as first laughs. The heat is very strong and we reach quickly 40 degres, but it does not seem to annoy anyone here except us, poor europeans not used to the heat. Fortunately, water restock are helping.  Quickly some new friendships can be seen and everyone is helping each other on each game and we realized this day will be full of enrichment and lessons. Made, a young girl from the foundation who is deaf spend the whole day holding hand with a girl from Bangli school. This picture surely symbolizes the aim of the tournament.

Many people are here in the stadium and many are coming to see this unusual event. It is in fact very rare to see people with disability in the streets in Bali and Indonesia. They often stay in their families houses, not many centers are opened for them and therefore outdoor activities are very rare. Even some policeman are taking pictures of players in action, not because of denunciation or worry but curiosity and happiness to see this kind of initiative. Everything is going well and the final game make the day a success and refresh all the players with the water. Pulling the rope is definitely a game that players like. They had to play all together as a team and not individually in order to make the other team cross the line first. Laughs went along with slides of players and smiles were on every face.

New friendships, best example of a successful day

We got back to the center in Bangli to announce results, and give prices to every team. Pens, books and caps are offered as rewards. Lunch is prepared and offered by the foundation and the day finishes with some traditionnal singing sang by everyone. Before pupils go back to their school, the teacher makes a speech to thanks the foundation and underline the importance of doing this kind of event again soon. He also cheers on pupils to help people with disabilities and share this experience with friends.

Adults and players feedback are also very positive and we were very touched by what they said. Smiles of kids and people of the foundation are proofs than this day gave some joy and benefits to all of them. We will remember this event and incite Begonia to develop again this kind of event. She confirmed a similar event will happen in the next 6 months. We also suggest to the foundation employees to organize an artistic competition to highlight some of the young skills, in particular some girls who showed us great drawing skills. Like sport, art is a way to make things change by organizing event where differences are reduced.

To get more informations about Kupu Kupu foundation, follow the link


Kupu Kupu Foundation presentation

Kupu Kupu Foundation is a foundation created by Begonia LOPEZ who works with children and adults with disabilities in Bali, Indonesia. The foundation aims to develop the autonomy of people with disabilities living in Bali. Kupu Kupu foundation is based in Bangli and Ubud.

Professionals from the foundation act for people with physical disability as well as for those suffering from mental disability.

Kupu Kupu foundation acts particularly in the areas of health (by providing equipment and care), education (by taking the children to school and providing them with appropriate educational support), awareness (acting directly with local Balinese), employment (having created crafts traditional workshops managed by people with disabilities).

To know more about the Foundation: here is their website.


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