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The association :: Inclusion in companies and through sport

Association of law 1901, HandiCap sur le Monde aims to promote actions helping disabled people inclusion, both in employment and through sport.  

Disabled suffer from an abnormally high rate of unemployment. Initiatives are developed to make it decrease, but they are still too isolated and not yet shared or relayed by every company. In 7 years in France since existing 2005 law, what happened? Hirers point of view has changed but disabled employment is still too rare, and not adapted. Some datas even say that unemployment rate of disabled is twice higher than average active population rate.

Datas and actions identified for inclusion through sport are also too rare. A lot of local organizations are developing sport events and adapt their structures for disabled people to practice sport but is still not common to every organization and some are not opened to everyone. 

How can we improve this situation? 

We have to realize targeted and specific actions…. and share them to the largest amount of people possible!

HandiCap sur le Monde association has been created on these facts, according to this will of acting for disabled peole inclusion.

By creating, suggesting and relaying best practices, we know more actions around disability and difference will be developed.

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